Friday, November 16, 2018

Week 5, Term 4; 2018 - A quick look at some of our learning this week

We are busy practising both of our dances for the school production of Shrek.  We have been trying hard to learn our dances.
We have also started the Get Firewise programme.
In writing we are trying really hard to add detail and interesting ideas for our audience to read.  Some of the ways we are trying to do this is by using interesting sentence starters, including our feelings, thoughts and personal comments.
In handwriting our learning goals are to form our letters and numbers correctly and have the correct letter shape.  In our class we self assess our handwriting and lately we have been peer assessing our handwriting.  This gives us the chance to get feedback from other students in the classroom.
In mathematics we have been quickly recalling our basic facts.  We have also been solving addition and subtraction word problems.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Class News - Week 4, Term 4; 2018

Class News
Week 4, Term 4; 2018

Thank you to everyone who has helped their child fill out their pepeha that was in last week’s homework.
We are going to be carrying out the Get Firewise programme.  This is a fire-safety education programme. The students will get their own Get Firewise Family Book/DVD to bring home and share with you.  There are tasks that your child will be asked to complete with you as part of the Get Firewise unit. We are beginning this topic next week.  Please contact me if there are any concerns you have about your child that I should be aware of when teaching firewise. 
In last week’s school newsletter there was a link to click on to answer questions around parent feedback about learning at home.  It would be great if you could answer these questions.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Little Gardens

Near the end of last term we began to grow some 'little gardens' that the school was given.  We were excited to see if they had grown over the holidays.  Here is a photo of what some of the little gardens look like.  We have also got some beans, cucumbers, zucchini and sweet basil growing.  We have also planted some swan plants and flowers to put in our butterfly garden. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Our Learning

Below is some of our learning from the week:

Art Work
This week we have been creating our bowl of fruit art work.  We used coloured paper to create these.  We started our art work by making a plan of what we would like our fruit bowl art work to look like.  We then used coloured paper to create our fruit bowl design and then to create our fruit.  We painted the paper our fruit bowl was going on blue.  We glued our fruit bowl and fruit onto this once it had dried. 

On Wednesday we went and had another look at our daffodils that we planted earlier in the year to see how they were growing.  They have grown really well.  We found out that there were different kinds of daffodils and we had a look at these.

For writing this week we wrote about the rural cluster cross country last Friday.  We have been learning to write interesting ideas for others to read by adding detail.  This writing is in our learning journey books which we will be bring home to share with our family.

In mathematics we have been learning to quickly recall our basic facts.  We are continuing to focus on getting quicker at being able to do this.  We are also looking at word problems and how to solve these. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Art

In Week 5, Term 3 we painted our life cycle of a butterfly art work that is displayed in our butterfly garden.  We are very proud of this.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Class News - Week 7, Term 3; 2018

Please continue to listen to your child read their home reader every day and then record the book title in their reading log and sign it.  Your support with this is much appreciated.
Our Learning
In reading we are learning to make predictions and then change these predictions as we notice new information in the text.
In mathematics we are continuing to tell the time.  We are also learning to solve mathematical word problems.
In writing we are learning to use descriptive words to describe bubbles.  We will be publishing our writing on the computers.
Change of clothes
Could the students please bring a change of clothes to school daily in case they get muddy or wet and need to get changed.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Class News - Week 6, Term 3

Class News
Week 6, Term 3; 2018

Our Learning
Last week we painted our art work for the butterfly garden.  This is now on the trellis in the butterfly area and we are very proud of this.
In reading we are continuing to read fluently, expressively and to pause at the punctuation and to retell events in sequence in texts.  We are also learning to make predictions and then change these predictions as we notice new information in the text.
In mathematics we are continuing to solve addition and subtraction problems and discuss how we worked these out.  We are also continuing to look at how to tell the time. 
In writing we are publishing our monarch butterfly facts.  We are also writing a recount and elaborating on our ideas by adding more detail. 
This week your child will bring home another piece of their work to share with you.